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2015 Calandar
1st TXSW “Call Meeting” 10am
15th -16th Women’s Champions of Faith Conference
25th-29th TXSW Ministers Workers Conference at Greater Zion Temple COGIC, Temple, TX

5th TXSW AIM Banquet
12th Historical City District “Pew Rally”

8th Superintendent Joseph Johnson’s Birthday
11th-18th Historical City District “AIM”
18th Mother Annie Cooper’s Birthday
18th District Missionary Youlander Ford’s Birthday
26th-30th International Women’s Convention & Crusade, Louisville, KY

1st Divine Purpose COGIC “Church Anniversary”
13th-14th SMM TXSW Youth Explosion
15th Father’s Day
30th-July 4th National AIM, Kansas City, MO Convention Center

21st- 27th TXSW 58th Annual Holy Convocation, Waco, TX

2nd Bishop Samuel E. Iglehart’s Birthday

6th Historical City District Musical, 7:30pm, Emmanuel Pentecostal COGIC
12th-14th Historical City District Meeting
27th Historical City District Picnic

4th TXSW Call Meeting
11th @ Victory Faith Temple COGIC Pastor & Wife Anniversary Service at Emmanuel Pentecostal Church
17 - 18th Divine Purpose COGIC “Pastor and Wife Anniversary”
                17th Gospel Messenger - Bishop Maurice Green, Mexico Jurisdictional Prelate, @ 7pm
                18th Gospel Messenger - Superintendent C.D. Evans, 3:30pm
25th @ Emmanuel Pentecostal Church of God In Christ, 34th Church Appreciation Service @3:30pm​

3rd-11th 107th International Holy Convocation (and General Assembly), St. Louis, MO

25th “Christmas Holiday”
TBP Historical City District “End of Year Revival”